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The Self Storage box warehousing complex in Riga

Self storage units in Riga

Indoor storage units with 24/7 access

SELF STORAGE box units are one of Latvia's most advanced self-service storage facilities. The self storage units are 1.5 m2 to 20 m2 large and they are equipped with heating, air conditioning and ventilation, and therefore are suitable for long-term and short-term storage of different goods and items. SELF STORAGE rental units are managed with a smart key to make the use of your self storage unit more convenient and easier.

Benefits of indoor self storage units managed with a smart key:

  • unrestricted access 24/7;
  • no need for keys or security codes;
  • remote management of the storage unit;
  • granting access to other people;
  • receiving notifications on all activities in the unit.

The key mission of SELF STORAGE is to provide fast and high-quality services. We can achieve this by means of excellent customer service and advanced storage service booking platforms. Book a self storage unit online or at our office, download the smart key mobile application and start to use your unit right away! Would you like to change the size of the booked unit? Contact us, and we will quickly assign you a rental unit of the required size. Book your storage unit today and get a 50% discount on the rental fee for the first 2 months!


SELF STORAGE services include everything you need for a convenient, easy and safe rental of the self- service storage unit. Our smart key solution allows the customers to manage and freely use their rented units 24/7 without the involvement of the personnel. We will take care of the safety of items, packaging for storage of items, equipment to move and handle the items, and insurance.


Our storages for rent provide an opportunity for businesses to rent self storage units located near significant transport nodes and the center of Riga. Storage box units are suitable both for short-term storage of items and for long-term storage of goods, raw materials, tools, equipment and other things that need to be conveniently transported within Latvia or internationally. At SELF STORAGE it is allowed to store items the circulation of which is not prohibited in the Republic of Latvia, or the storage of which does not endanger other customers of the self storage unit complex.


Our storage facilities for individuals provide a simple yet secure long-term and short-term storage of personal belongings. If you do not have enough space to store all your belongings, a self storage box unit is the right solution to store sports equipment, furniture, household appliances, old albums and even seasonal clothing. Take your things to SELF STORAGE by your car, or CityBee Latvia or Fiqsy cars and vans, because we provide convenient access and parking space, as well as special parking for CityBee and Fiqsy cars.


The range of short-term and long-term storage box unit rentals will provide the most suitable solution for every need. SELF STORAGE rental facilities are suitable not only for the storage of personal belongings but also for the storage of documents, goods, tools and raw materials. All SELF STORAGE rental facilities with the area ranging from 1.5 m2 to 20 m2 and the common use premises are equipped with:

  • climate control;
  • WiFi and phone charging stations;
  • smart key;
  • movement and thermal sensors;
  • video surveillance;
  • lift and equipment for moving the items.

We remind you that SELF STORAGE offers to rent indoor self storage units in a new building specially designed to provide such services. Choose the most modern, convenient, and safe storage box rental on the market!


Self storage unit rental prices are determined based on the size of the unit. SELF STORAGE provides rental units for €4.99 to €29.97 per week. The storage unit rental price includes rent of the unit, use of the smart key, and access to the storage facility at any time.


In order for you to immediately start using your smart self storage unit, we offer a convenient and quick process for signing a rental agreement. All you need to do is select the desired box storage size on our website, sign an agreement, download the smart key application, and start using the rented self storage unit. However, if necessary, you can also sign the rental agreement in our office.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does SELF STORAGE offer PO box rental?
Yes, SELF STORAGE offers an additional PO box rental available to both individuals and legal entities, along with the indoor self storage rental services.
Kādas ir SELF STORAGE noliktavas, Rīgā, Krasta ielā galvenās priekšrocības?
SELF STORAGE piedāvātās box noliktavas ir modernākās noliktavas telpas Rīgā, kuras īpaši projektētas tieši noliktavu telpu nomai. Tas nozīmē, ka mūsu sniegtais pakalpojumus - noliktavu īre Rīgā – piedāvā augstākās kvalitātes noliktavu pakalpojumus, kas atbilst labākajiem drošības un mantu uzglabāšanas standartiem.
How often can I access the rented storage box unit?
Every customer is entitled to visit the rental unit 24/7.
Can the storage box units be changed?
Yes, the rented storage box unit can be changed to a larger or smaller box, if necessary.
What security systems are installed in the SELF STORAGE facility?
Both the individual storage box units and SELF STORAGE premises are equipped with an alarm system, video surveillance, movement and thermal sensors. Continuous security supervision of SELF STORAGE territory is ensured. Individual storage units are available to the customers only with smart key access.
What is the SELF STORAGE unit smart key?
The application Storage Smart Entry by Noke provides the customers of SELF STORAGE free access to the storage facility and their storage box unit without a physical key or access codes. The smart key allows to provide access to the unit to other people, and you can remotely control the activities in your unit from any place in the world.
How can I rent SELF STORAGE units?
Choose the required size of the storage unit on the SELF STORAGE website and fill in the booking form. Once you have received the booking number, download the smart key and start to use your storage unit right away! Or visit us at Krasta Street 97A on business days from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We will prepare the documentation, have a cup of coffee, and together find you the most suitable size of a storage box.
What storage services does SELF STORAGE offer?
SELF STORAGE offers storage box unit rental for individuals and businesses with 24/7 access. Storage box units can be rented for the short or long term and they are equipped with advanced security systems and climate control ensuring suitable conditions for the storage of different items and goods.
What are self storage box units?
Storage box units are rental facilities or boxes with an area from 1.5 m2 to 20 m2. The total area available for the storage of items in the SELF STORAGE facility is 2,000 m2.
Who can use SELF STORAGE facilities?
SELF STORAGE box units can be used by anyone who needs additional storage space for goods and equipment. We offer storages for rent for both individuals and legal entities – for everyone who needs safe indoor storage units with modern security systems. Renting a storage space is a great alternative to storing things on the balcony or in the garage!
What are the prices of self storage units?
The prices of self storage units are based on the size of the storage space. The smallest storage box units are available from 4.99 € per week, while the larger ones are available from 15.00 € per week.
What are the conditions for storage box rental?
The minimum rental period of the SELF STORAGE unit for individuals and businesses is one month. The representatives of SELF STORAGE have to be notified of the termination of the rental agreement one month in advance.
How is the SELF STORAGE unit different from a storage container?
SELF STORAGE offers modern storages for rent. This means that your belongings will be stored in comfortable indoor premises equipped with modern security systems. Storage containers are most often located outdoors, without heating, climate control, and modern security solutions.
Are there any special requirements or obligations to rent a storage unit?
No, our self storage unit rental does not impose any special requirements or obligations. For privacy and security purposes, SELF STORAGE does not have access to rented units, so the customer is responsible for the cleanliness of the self-service box unit.